66 Norma is an enthusiast photographer's blog ranging from travel/photo trekking, retail, portraits and fashion. Substantially, we love taking pictures of people and fashion. We would like this space to express ourselves and share photos we have done for a couple of years now. We want to explore and learn new techniques from what other artist have done and ultimately be inspired.

Birth:The name itself originated from an old street where John Redor grew up where it allowed him to be a kid. The area was great and also had the best neighbours that exposed John to many differences and cultures! Living at 66 Norma, John accomplished being a traveler, a secret agent, a discoverer, a gymnast, an artist, and heck -- even a red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger! This is when John held his first camera in this very house he grew up in. With so much joy and many inspirations John Decided to name his blog 66 Norma in 2014.

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